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About Us

If you are already a fan or have recently fallen for Emma Bridgewater’s beautiful pottery then you have come to the right place at Huisje14. We have a huge inventory of over 5,000 products. Not only the latest collections but also a lot of the older and unique models that are no longer made or were never delivered to The Netherlands. Looking for something we don’t have in stock? no problem, we can order this!

We are located in Apeldoorn and you can visit us to take a look. Curious about our inventory? Check out the website or make an appointment.

How it Started

It started in 2005 with a self-decorated ½ pint mug at the “Pottery Cafe.” I was in England with my mother and sister and visited the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke-on-Trent. The seed was planted. Then every season the itch to have new series and models in the closet.

I started buying more and more and occasionally selling a little. That was easy to combine with my busy family life at the time. However, the children grew and so did the number of transactions.

I suddenly got in touch with the whole world form home and sent packages everywhere. Mainly to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and England, but also to America and Canada.

At home, at our house number 14, I held “Open Huisje14,” a little market where family, friends and customers came to look for special pieces, it proved to be a great success. In 2014, I registered as a company with the Chamber of Commerce and the establishment of Huisje14 became reality.

Each year the inventory, sales and regular customer base grows. It makes me incredibly proud and happy. The most enjoyable part of my “work,” besides the products, are the contacts with all Emma Bridgewater fans. I have had the pleasure of meeting such lovely ladies and gentlemen over the years, many of them visiting regularly or letting me know via text. How fun is that.

Enjoy the webshop and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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